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Invest in Japan Road Lahore

Japan Road is a green and quiet area in the heart of Lahore. It offers unmatched tranquility and serenity. The location of this road is very close to the city center and you must invest in Japan road because it is among the most sought-after residential areas in Lahore. Japan Road Lahore View It is […]


How to become a Real Estate Agent?

Being a real estate agent is an essential part of the real estate industry. He acts as liaison between buyers and sellers, helping to find potential homes that are suitable for both sides. Becoming a real estate agent can be a rewarding career choice, but it does require some dedication.  Why become a Real Estate […]


Real Estate Buyers Guide

A real estate buyer’s guide is one of the most important things in the market. If you want to buy or sell the house, you must not do it blindly. It is not gambling because you must have complete research and knowledge of the market. After all, knowledge is a power that will help you […]


Why to Invest in Barki Road Lahore?

Barki Road Lahore is located near the border Area, and it is a center of education for the border belt. You have to travel 11km from the international airport to reach Barki village. There is also a rangers training center nearby, so the area is relatively safe and sound.  Barki Road Lahore Location  Barki Road […]


Sohni Dharti Remittance Program

Over nine million overseas are assets of Pakistan and the government must appreciate their role in bridging the gap between exports and imports of the country. For that, the government initiated a program named the sohni dharti remittance program. What is the Sohni Dharti Remittance Program? The Sohni Dharti Remittance Program aims to encourage non-resident […]


Mera Ghar Mera Pakistan

With the rising population, the need to build new houses also increased. Currently, Pakistan is facing this problem because millions of people do not have their own houses to live in. To deal with this problem, the government of Pakistan has started a project of Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme ( Mera Ghar Mera Pakistan). Naya […]

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Countryside Life Experience In Pakistan

Living in the countryside gives you access to so many wonderful things, including the natural world, the unique texture of small-town life, and the incredible experience of open space. Countryside specifically refers to non-urban areas having small settlements and large farmlands. People living here often get involved in agriculture. Some raise domestic animals to get […]


Best Investment opportunities For Overseas Pakistanis

Over the years there has been an increase in the investment opportunities in Pakistan. And these opportunities are open for overseas Pakistanis. To nurture the relation between Pakistan and Overseas Pakistani, the government has established OPF (overseas Pakistani foundation) to assist the Pakistanis that are overseas to make safe investments. This is a beneficial connection […]


Roshan Apna Ghar Initiative

Prime minster Imran Khan started an amazing initiative for overseas Pakistanis. The Roshan Apna Ghar scheme aids the overseas Pakistani to invest and own properties in Pakistan with the help of Roshan Digital Account. This initiative helps the overseas Pakistanis to invest in safe and secure opportunities. The non-residents of Pakistan can purchase and can […]