Why are farmhouses popular?

 According to research, millennials or the new generation has a strong preference for investing in property. Why you may ask? As the world and cities become over populated and congested most people are deprived of wide open spaces, fresh air, peace, greenery and mentally invigorating solitude that Wordsworth is known to have enjoyed. An added factor is the law and order situation and security threats prevalent in some countries. Pakistan being a prime example of how security concerns of the past have changed life, especially for children.

Post pandemic public opinion has tilted further in favor of farmhouses or weekend homes.  Being locked indoor and away from loved ones, in cramped houses with no chance for fresh air, most people have started giving priority to quality of life over every other luxury and health has gained the top spot. Thus making farmhouses ideal go to locations for escape from stress and workload.

In Pakistan farmhouses have become an indication of ‘elite lifestyle’ and a status symbol, so families with disposable income opt to invest in farmhouses for recreation, de-stressing, as well as a sizeable income.

According to research, citizens with foreign nationalities also prefer purchasing farmhouses over urban properties.

Why are farmhouses idyllic vacation homes?

In the past the world was obsessed with technological advancement and modernization. For decades people have been migrating to cities in search of better employment and improved lifestyle. However, as the drawbacks and detriments of this advancement emerge, people have started seeking out peace and quiet; they now crave greenery and smog free air so a safe, enclosed space where they can allow their children to remain outdoors for extended periods of time is a haven they crave.

Since it’s difficult to disassociate ourselves completely from urban culture and life, people look for planned spaces with lots of greenery, preferably those within easy access of the city: a space where they have ample living space surrounded by cultivated grounds, fruit and vegetable patches or aesthetically designed gardens.

So when you get tired of the constant hustle and bustle of people,  honking horns and  bright lights of traffic, come with us to a piece of heaven in Pakistan.

Benefits of buying farmhouses

This was just a peak at the reasons people buy farmhouses in Pakistan. Now let’s look at the benefits in detail.

Escape to your personal heaven

The hot weather, polluted air and congestion prevalent in the cities are off putting and stressful. When you own a farmhouse in Pakistan, a few kilometers from the city you have your own personal green belt. It’s a secure space which gives you the chance to enjoy the benefits of fresh air, cool atmosphere, fresh fruits and vegetables from your own garden and many additional perks.

It could be the perfect opportunity to energize yourself and recover from the stress and worry inflicted by you work routine and the pollution riddled city atmosphere. On top of that you are able to avoid the suffocating rush of the most popular hill stations and save a load of money that you would have otherwise spent on hotels and restaurants.  Plus an ideal chance for family bonding.

Fresh organic produce

Owning a farmhouse allows you to exercise your green thumb and indulge in some stress releasing gardening, all the while also producing your own ‘organic’ fruits and vegetables. As per psychologists being able to grow and take care of plants gives you contentment and a much needed sense of achievement.

Most farmhouses in Pakistan come with large expanse of fertile land which makes them suitable for starting your own orchard or garden, as per your taste. Also, the growing knowledge about the harmful effects of pesticides, makes organic and pesticide free produce a very attractive option for city dwellers. Especially because such produce is expensive and hard to find in the market.


Farmhouses in Pakistan also appeal to animal lovers who are unable to keep pes and animals at their city residences. A farmhouse is the perfect place for keeping a variety of the common household pets and even some rare species: like peacocks, macaws, deer etc.

Rearing livestock can help you turn your farmhouse into a commercial venture that provides dairy and other by-products to neighbors, distribute among family members and outsource them to markets. The sales would definitely provide extra income and added benefit on top of the chance to take care of animals.

Perfect venue for family gatherings:

Farmhouses in Pakistan are widely popular venues for family get-togethers and other personal, professional events.

Spacious enough for the family hordes

First and foremost, Pakistani families are usually larger than other average families around the world. Plus the culture attaches immense importance to the extended family relations as well. So when an average Pakistani family celebrates an occasion where all the close and extended family relatives are invited they need a lot of space. Such events are either organized in hotels or halls rented for the purpose. A benefit of owning a farmhouse in Pakistan is the ready availability of ample space for all such events and a beautiful ready-made backdrop. They provide an already decorated and beautified space with lots of options and distractions for children and adults alike. And it’s the perfect place for a family barbeque party.

Cool and trendy

In addition to that keeping the current hot weather the country is gripped by, farmhouses are ideal location for such events because they are away from the heat, smoke and smog of the city. Hence they are cooler and healthier spaces which also satisfy the attendees aesthetically.

For as farmhouses are a popular trend in Pakistan, throwing a party at a farmhouse would earn the organizer a lot of esteem and appreciation points. The attendees would leave the party happy and this would help elevate the owner’s social standing and repute in the family and society. So as a social tool, farmhouses in Pakistan have a charm unparalleled and unmatched by any other venue.

Wedding Bells

Even before the pandemic farmhouses were extremely popular venues for the mehndi functions at weddings. Wedding functions like mehndi often run late into the next morning and in fact even start later than usual. With time restriction of 12 am in most wedding halls around the country, people opt for farmhouses when they intend to organize a lengthy event and when the guest list is extensive.

This is not just a personal benefit but can be turned into a financial advantage, as you can let your farmhouse on rent to people looking for a wedding venue.

Luxury and Physical well being

It is quite obvious that in farmhouses you would have improved air quality which will help your lungs recover from the havoc smog has had on them. Thus farmhouse living is extremely feasible for people suffering from respiratory and heart diseases.

Plus the acreage of land at your disposal allows you to take on physical exercise, walks, swimming and even sports. So time spent in a farmhouse can help you take away years from your age and several pounds off your waistline.

At the same time modern day farmhouses in Pakistan are all about luxury and elite lifestyle.

Community living

The popularity of farmhouses has resulted in launching of several farmhouse communities within Pakistan. These societies are gated and provide security, well maintained water, sewage, electrical and telecommunication facilities. However, an added perk is that now these communities tailor facilities according to the market trends: the facilities that customers seek in farmhouses in Pakistan, for instance pools, or aviaries etc.

Living in these communities means you are not living miles and miles away from another farmhouse or the nearest hospital or departmental store. Interestingly the farmhouse communities in Pakistan are away from the city rush and chaos but in close proximity to hospitals, and market areas. Hence you have large area of land at your disposal, fresh air to breathe, freshly picked fruits, organic vegetables, freedom to enjoy unspoiled greenery yet you are not living in wilderness in a remote far off location.

Investment and extra income

As mentioned above the current generation of businessmen and women see farmhouses in Pakistan as worthwhile, profitable investment opportunity with the potential to yield handsome profit in coming years.

If you are living in a developed and popular farmhouse community in Pakistan you can always rent part of it out (such as the outdoors) and collect ample rent, especially during the winter wedding season or the spring party season. You can rent the whole place to foreign tourists and mint money.

You can also outsource the use of your gardens or orchard to jam manufacturing companies. Or if you no longer feel you need the place, you can sell it several years on and extract a hefty profit from it.

Here you have all the perks and bonuses of owning a farmhouse in Pakistan. Hope you benefit from this and become owners of your own slice of heaven on earth.

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