Top Farmhouses in Lahore

A trend has been setting in for a while now, people are shifting to Farmhouses to host their events, and parties in Lahore. Farmhouses in Lahore have become the new ‘IT’ place in Lahore for all events and parties. A few of the events such as organizing a ‘Pool Party’ in summers, or a Rave, or a Concert, or a Halloween party, these have been adopted from the western culture and are now being introduced into our culture to the young generation. For such events, a grand farmhouse is a must, and to own a farmhouse in Lahore has become a status symbol.

For those who own them, it has become a vital asset to them. As for those who do not own one, are regretting the day they had an opportunity to invest in one. Below are a few listed places that sell or give services of Farmhouses in Lahore.

These places are in no particular order:

  1. Windmills Farmhouse and Resort
  2. Lahore Greenz
  3. Executive Lodge
  4. Princeton Country Club and Farms

Windmills Farmhouse & Resort

This Resort is a place you would choose, if you wanted to fulfill your dream of a destination wedding at an affordable price. They offer night stay, with grand luxurious guest rooms along with room service. There are a number of services that are provided by them, alongside the whole destination wedding assistance. They offer; swimming pool, mini golf, cinema or theatre, snooker, table tennis, gym, badminton, swings for children, and a number of board games are also available such as; carom board, Ludo, and chess. It is located at Bedian Road, 25 minutes’ drive from Lahore Airport.

Lahore Greenz

Lahore Greenz is a gated Farmhouse Society in Lahore, they deal in all sizes of farm houses in plots (ranging from 2 Kanal to 8 Kanal) plots, providing them a dreamy place in a peaceful setting. Having your own farmhouse provides an easy escape from the daily hustle bustle of life, far from home but still closer to home. You can host all kinds of events, from weddings to parties, from summer parties to festivals, etc. grow your own organic vegetables, breed livestock and grow different fruits. There are a few services and facilities that are provided by this farmhouse in Lahore.

  1. 24/7 Security
  2. Underground electricity
  3. Gated Community
  4. Mini-Golf Course
  5. Natural surroundings
  6. Wide carpeted roads
  7. Parks
  8. Clean Water
  9. Advantage of severage

You need to pay 50% of the down payment However, the website that markets Lahore Greenz, which is located on Bedian Road, says that the Society is fully developed which is not true at all. Even if you open up the videos that are uploaded on the website, it faintly shows the structures of buildings in the area, but no complete development is visible.

Executive Lodges

This is a place you would choose for a holiday get away inside Lahore. It is located in Bahria Town, it offers a number of features and services such as:

  • Seating capacity 1000-1200 guests
  • Spacious valet parking
  • Washrooms
  • Bridal rooms
  • Backup generator


Health wise, exposure to sunlight while playing golf contributes a lot to soak up vitamin D in the body. Studies have also shown that spending time on green grounds considerably results in relaxing the body. It also helps in alleviating anxiety by reducing stress.

Princeton Country Club and Farms is a private estate nestled across 300 acres of land, providing you with the perfect getaway home for a relaxed and peaceful lifestyle surrounded by the nature.

It brings you an exclusive, US country-style living only a 15-minute drive from DHA Lahore and Lahore Ring Road. Enjoy the tranquil and peaceful setting in midst of lush green fields, taking you away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This project has been undertaken by a group of real estate developers and architects based in the USA and Canada to help bring a truly genuine feel of western country living to Lahore. Having a private estate nestled deep in the countryside is no longer a dream, it is a reality that can be yours!

Here the following facilities are available to make your living more convenient and remarkable:

Gated Community

Princeton Country Club and Farms is a walled and gated community with secure access and exit gates. Gate activities are monitored using CCTV cameras by security personnel 24 hours a day. In an exclusive estate environment away from the hassle of the city, the safety of you and your family will never be a concern.

Paved Roads

Princeton Farms is an idea conceived by US and Canada based developers. We are very particular about the design and quality of infrastructure being provided on the ground. We are laying a network of black asphalt carpeted roads sufficient for the present and future needs of all community residents.


There’s nothing better than echo of prayer five times a day to remind us the core of existence. The most vital necessity for us, so that we can gather and pray in unity. Princeton Farms features a beautiful mosque for the community, an epitome of our whole self. A beautiful mosque will be located in the heart of the project. To unite and pray to the One who made us everything we are today.

Community Center

Princeton Farms features a community center to positively impact a community and promote healthy living. The community center will promote you with many opportunities and also unite the community and will help in meaningful ways. It will be an opportunity to make a strong and healthy community.

High Speed Internet

To make sure you don’t lose your connection with your loved ones, Princeton Farms is equipped with an efficient, fast, and reliable internet connection. You can deal with all your important business while remaining in the serene environment away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Electricity by Wapda

Bringing you the best facilities and a progressive lifestyle Princeton Farms brings safer underground electric passage for a premium living experience for you. The electric wires passage will be underground throughout the vicinity of our farmland. To make sure that you and your family can get a secure environment, following all the global standards of quality living.

Caretaking & Maintenance

You live overseas and worry about the maintenance of properties in your absence? It can be a headache to find someone to take care of your land in your absence. But don’t worry. Princeton Farms provide you with housekeeping and caretaking services for the farmhouses. With a 24/7 surveillance, your property is always safe and we will make sure it gets the proper care from our staff. The farmhouses will get scheduled maintenance check. So lay back and trust us with your beautiful farmhouses.

24/7 Security

Security can be a concern in isolated areas, which is why it is our priority at Princeton Farms to provide you with security surveillance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our setup consists of state-of-the-art CCTV and physical security systems, all at no cost to you. The society is gated with physical surveillance in place.

Owning a piece of untainted natural habitat.

Are you tired of the rush filled streets, din of wild traffic and smoke filled air that you breathe in every day? Do you want to escape the congested and overcrowded cities? A problem that plagues majority of city dwellers today and what do they do, they dream of escape to scenic, lush green fields and hills where fresh air is available in abundance. Most of these people head to hill stations, Murree in particular. What could be better than that? Well owning a verdant farmhouse and being surrounded by grassy lawns, a refreshing pool, fresh clean air and idyllic peace. So, buy a piece of tranquility, buy a farmhouse.


Why buy a farmhouse in Pakistan?

Like all other countries in the world Pakistan is faced by ever expanding cities and mass migrations from rural to urban areas. Despite fast paced infrastructural development cities are still overcrowded and polluted. Take the example of Lahore, one of Pakistan’s major metropolitans, as of 2014 Lahore’s population has increased to a whopping 20 million and it is one of the most polluted cities of the world. So the best escape from these stress inducing surroundings is a farmhouse on the outskirts of the city.


Why people buy farmhouses? To get away from their tedious routine to a relaxing atmosphere and secure a viable source of future income. In common perception farmhouses are now a symbol of ‘elite living’ in Pakistan.


Farmhouses provide wide open yet planned spaces with all the basic necessities, and privacy to boot. They provide ample opportunities for indulging in a variety of outdoor activities. So, for a decent sum, you have the chance to spend mentally and physically relaxing time with family and friends.


Are farmhouses good investment opportunities?

You must be aware of how people use farmhouses for occasional picnics, seasonal vacations and wedding events. But in recent years, farmhouses have emerged as a popular, feasible investment option in Pakistan.


Are farmhouses good investment option in Pakistan? Farmhouses are located outside cities, therefore they cost around 50 to 70% less than other urban properties. Hence people with lower budgets can also purchase farmhouses. Plus, they bring a steady income if they are rented out and a sizeable profit if resold.


If farmhouses are cheaper than urban properties than how are they good investment? Farmhouses require less capital allocation for development than city housing properties do. Plus, their popularity guarantees that they are not only rented out easily but bring in huge sums of rent per deal. Farmhouses in Pakistan are especially popular during winter months when many acquire them for wedding festivities. In spring they are used for picnics and quality vacation time. From a statistical viewpoint, farmhouses see an average increase of 10 to 15% in value and they bring in around 15 to 20% return within a year.


Things to consider

If you want to purchase a farmhouse, you should keep in mind that it is a big decision and requires major lifestyle changes. So think it through carefully and ask yourself are you ready to live a life of labor. Farmhouses require constant maintenance, so even if you hire help, you still have to do a lot on your own, for instance you might want to tend to the gardens and would certainly have to supervise general upkeep of the farmhouse. So take the leap only when you are ready to put in your time and money.

However, purchasing a farmhouse in Pakistan also entails investigation into the facilities available at the farmhouse. You must look into, for instance: the availability of clean uncontaminated water, proper sewage facilities, sui gas and electricity.

Lastly, you must check if telecommunication services are available in the area or not.

How to buy a farmhouse in Pakistan?

Now coming to the million-dollar question: How does one buy a farmhouse in Pakistan? According to research some of the most worthwhile and popular farmhouse lands are located in Lahore and Karachi. However, one no longer needs to buy land and then develop it, instead one can buy a fully equipped, developed farmhouse in Pakistan.

Buying farmhouse property can be tricky

In the current economic climate land is the most lucrative investment option available to Pakistanis. However, frauds and scams are a major threat in the sector. So you have to exercise complete caution when purchasing farmhouses in Pakistan. One important precautionary measure in this regard, is to run a thorough background check.

Back ground research

Before acquiring land or a farmhouse you must do complete research, learn the trends of the market, follow the latest updates and news in the farmhouse market. For this purpose, you must research the laws governing farmhouse purchase in Pakistan.

Next you should know the most worthwhile and popular farmhouse locations in Pakistan. Since farmhouses are the most sought after real estate in Pakistan, more popular the location, the easier it will be to make a profit on.

Once you have the site in mind, check out the realtors dealing in that area. Which real estate company should you buy farmhouses from is the key question. In-depth research into the companies functional in your desired area is necessary. You should investigate each company’s worth, their past dealings, reputation and most significantly profitability of the farmhouse land on sale. Also research the future prospects of the locality specially the possibilities of growth and future monetary value.

You must also pay special attention to the services accessible in these farmhouses. It is advisable that you evaluate the above mentioned information in light of the country’s economic conditions, to reach an informed decision.

Price check

Keeping tabs on the prevalent prices of farmhouses in Pakistan, especially the desired area, in essential. Sellers in Pakistan are known to charge prices higher than market rates. To protect yourself against these frauds a survey of the market would tell you the correct value of farm houses in Pakistan. For this purpose, contact real estate experts and estate agents, specifically the ones specializing in farmhouses sales.

A good real estate agent is a blessing.

Your closest ally in all of this, is your estate agent. Make sure that he/she is dependable, honest and reliable. So, when buying farmhouses in Pakistan, you should run a background check on the estate agent. Study their past records, repute and reliability. An agent’s track record will certify whether they are reliable or not.

In Pakistan several companies are renting and selling developed farmhouses. Examining their past records can help ensure that you are not falling into a trap. An experienced agent and agency can provide security against fraudulent dealings and help complete your transaction in a secure, transparent manner.

Physical viewing in real-time is imperative

You should never trust a transaction that is restricted solely to paper. Instead make a point of visiting the farmhouse in real-time, so you can see the accommodations and available services with your own eyes.

But exercise caution when visiting the farmhouse. Have a surveyor accompany you to the site? Allow them to inspect the property closely, so he can warn you about any defects and make sure that the property you buy is free of pitfalls and flaws.


Upon completion of the initial background research and the surveyors green signal, you are ready to purchase a farmhouse in Pakistan. Now comes the time for negotiating the price. It is one of the most significant parts of the entire process.

But before you start negotiations, meet the owner in person and have a detailed talk about the property. Do not hesitate to ask why the owner wants to sell the farmhouse, the amenities attached to it, any legal issues pertaining to the farmhouse. The seller would normally quote a higher price, use your knowledge of the pricing trends to bring the price down.

Token Money

Your payment of a small percentage of the total secures you the farmhouse, as it assures the seller of your intention to buy the farmhouse. This amount is decided by mutual consent.  Some sellers demand 5% of the cost, but it is negotiable.

However, make sure that all your dealings are properly documented and signed.

Secure transfer letter

When purchasing farmhouses in Pakistan be sure to check that the property has actually been transferred to your name. Pakistani realtors are known to sell property files in the name of actual property, so get a secure letter of transfer before making any payment.

Pay orders

As you would know a pay order is like a promissory note issued by the bank on behalf of the buyer. When purchasing farmhouses in Pakistan secure your investment by using a bank pay order. This minimizes the risk and ensures transparency of the transaction.

Last but, not the least, do not forget to get your copy of the sale deed.

All said and done. You now own a profitable farmhouse in Pakistan. Enjoy!!

Farmhouses can be dated back to the wide ranging fields of Scandinavia and Germany in Europe. Farmhouses were popular among the working class families, quite contrary to modern day. It made it’s way across the seas, introducing along the countryside of Quebec and Ontario. As the farmhouse design was easily build-able by hand and was easy on the time, it swiftly spread to the West during the 1700s.

The 1930s in the United States brought about a new era for the American Farmhouse. Prior to this, farmhouses and country living was extremely harsh with no running water or electricity. Farmhouses had to rely on wood burning stoves, kerosene lamps and outhouses. City dwellers enjoyed the luxury of electricity that produced proper lighting and useful appliances. By the 1940s, almost every rural farmhouse had a radio and electricity.

From the simple times of early America to the present era of electronic and architectural advancement, the farmhouse design still remains popular among many people in the United States.

However, at the end of the day, the farmhouse always falls back on its love of the surrounding country land and the nostalgia of a simple life and architectural history of America.

Pakistan serves as one of the best locality for investment. So, the investment in Pakistan consists of various factors on behalf of which the investors like the overseas can get an idea for investment like Where to invest in Pakistan and where not to?

Is investment in Pakistan fruitful? 

Pakistan is an ideal region due to its huge scope for investment. Likewise, the investment in the economy of Pakistan consists of some factors which predict the idea for investment. So, the answer of this question depends upon following factors.  

  • A Well-considered location: The location of Pakistan act as a strong factor to consider for investment. As Pakistan serves as a passageway to different countries so it is quite significant. Furthermore, the project of CPEC acts as a valuable asset for Pakistan. Hence it provides a good idea for investment in Pakistan 


  • Sustainable Economic Growth: The Economy of Pakistan consists of a strong and independent workforce. The sustainable economic growth exists here due to the hardworking workforce being strong, educated and intelligent. This workforce works day and night to achieve its goals. So, it works to provide a good idea for investment 


  • Law of economic zone: Pakistan is the region where the Law of Special Economic zones is present. This law helps the investors to work freely without any involvment from the Government. 


  • Foreign Direct Investment or FDI: Pakistan is the state where we get to see the foreign investors helping the local investors from Pakistan. The FDI’s are therefore helping the investors to a great extent. Specially for Pakistan, China is the biggest FDI since many years. 

By listing the major factors for investment in Pakistan, we are listing the major reasons for investment in Pakistan. It consists of Top 10 sectors for investment in Pakistan. 

Top 10 sectors for investment in Pakistan 

  1. Real Estate
  2. Schemes by Government
  3. Foreign Exchange Investment
  4. .Currencies for investment
  5. Investment in Commodities
  6. Gold Trading
  7. Deposits in Pakistan
  8. Mutual Funds for investment
  9. Pharmaceutical industries
  10. Educational sector 

 1.Real Estate 

The sector of Real Estate has a bright future in Pakistan. This sector is the most considered choice of the investors. The investors in this sector prefer it due to the best opportunities for future. Specially this sector comprises of construction business like housing schemes. So, it makes it a better choice for investment. Furthermore, one of the new housing scheme is listed in this article as below.

Housing Scheme for investment in Pakistan 

While talking about real estate the new housing scheme consists of Princeton Farms Lahore. With the new initiative of exclusive countryside living, this project is the future of real estate for Pakistan.  

So, if you are interested to know more about this concept contact at or make a call at +92 42 3280 3555

2.Schemes by Government 

The Government of Pakistan introduces new schemes every year. These schemes are introduced to provide suitable opportunities to the investors. Likewise, the schemes like Roshan Apna Ghar, Sohni Dharti ,Remittance Program as well as Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme are one of the prominent names for investment in Pakistan. 

3.Foreign Exchange Investment 

This is one of the unique investment opportunities in Pakistan. This opportunity is one of the better options following the basic requirements. 

  • Buying the asset: By the help of this the investors like the overseas use to buy the assets in the form of digital currencies like Forex is the platform in Pakistan 
  • By the help of Trading: This option helps to grab massive revenues as a result of trading. So, investment in this sector helps to get profits with better market analysis. 

4.Currencies for Investment 

It is one of the best options to get massive revenues in Pakistan. It follows the following approaches. 

Buying the currencies: The best method to obtain the investment is to buy the specific currencies. So, this method is selected by most of the investors to get valuable returns 

Selling the currencies: After buying the currencies another task consists of selling the currencies when the prices get high. So, this acts as a best method to consider by the investors. 

5.Investment in Commodities 

Commodities serve as one of the best method for getting profits. It simply works like trading but it follows the method of buying and selling of raw materials rather than trading. So, it adds value to act as one of the best method to get better outputs in Pakistan. 

6.Gold Trading 

Gold acts as a treasure for investment in Pakistan. The buying and selling of Gold Bars not only help to get effective returns in Pakistan. But this process is the convenient and best means for investment.  

So, by the trading of gold on platforms like Forex or selling Gold Bars on local market, Gold Trading is a suitable technique of investment. 

7.Deposits in Pakistan 

One of the effective methods of investment in Pakistan consists of Bank Deposits. By the help of this an individual can not only save his money in a secure way, but it provides the investment in the form of profits. 

Therefore you get the profits while saving the money.

So isn’t it an interesting thing to consider? 

8.Mutual Funds for investment 

This method works beneficial as the method is quite easy to start. Not only is it easy but it works by the account opening involving a specific company. The working is judged as a result of better outcomes. 

The Asset Management Company or AMC works in an effective way for Pakistan. So, it involves the two conditions. 

  • There must be one account that is registered 
  • The account must be having money in it 

So, as long as the account is there AMC continues to do its work and provides you the profits that this account gets. 

9.Pharmaceutical Industries 

This sector is one of the best while looking for an investment. The pharmaceutical investments help the investors to get immense profits. 

So, this sector provides with the better revenues as a result of investment. 

10.Educational Sector 

This is one of the effective sectors to have investment. Here the investors can open private educational institutions like schools, colleges, universities as well as academies. 

It not only provides a valuable approach in the progress of Pakistan. But it also works to increase the number of educational institutions for the betterment of Pakistan.









The economy of Pakistan works as an essential element that helps to predict the scope of investment. So while looking for high return investment  in Pakistan the economy is specially considered.

It not only provides an insight to see a future perspective. But it provides a valuable approach for investors especially the overseas to consider Pakistan as a better option for high return investment.

Options for high return investment in Pakistan

Followed that an individual might be looking for the ways to spend his investment with highest possible returns. These returns might be high or low but it depends upon the sector that you select. 

So, if you want to know that Which investment option gives the highest possible returns? then there we are providing you with some suitable options to grab high investment returns. It consists of following options. 

  • Real Estate: Real Estate serves as one of the most suitable options when we look for highest possible returns. This option is one of the unique options due to its better perspective of future. 
  • Direct Equity Investment: Instead of purchasing shares from a company with some expensive options this kind of investment helps you to grab capital funding options with direct shares.  
  • Mutual Funds: As the name illustrates such a kind of funds consist of the method of mutual sharing. It is considered as a good way to avoid risks. 
  • RBI Bonds: With the help of this method a mutual bonding establishes between the Government and the Investor. This helps the investors to grab some exciting opportunities that are given by the Government 
  • Bank Deposits: This is one of the convenient options to get investment returns. It works by saving money into various bank accounts. Due to this option banks provide investment returns to the investors 

Now these options grant us a better  idea  regarding our selection for investment. So in this article we will provide you the listing of Top 5 sectors for high return investment in Pakistan. Thus, this listing consists of following options. 

Top 5 sectors for high return investment in Pakistan 

  • Sector of Real Estate 
  • Gold Investment Sector 
  • Investment in Food chain 
  • Stock Market  
  • Medicine sector 

Sector of Real Estate 

A recent statistical analysis grants an important insight to the importance of real estate sector in Pakistan. 

Report analysis 

In accordance with the recent reports Real Estate is one of the best suited sectors specially for Pakistan. Real Estate has a unique status for future in  Pakistan. Likewise, the estimations of analysis figured out that Real Estate holds worth between 300$-400$ in billions respectively.  

While Pakistan Bureau of Statistics states that for real estate sector construction holds a dynamic significance. Yet the construction sector or housing contributes in the form of output to about 2% GDP. 

Innovative Real Estate project 

When we look for some innovative Real estate project in Pakistan, then here we get to know that Princeton Farms is one of the unique options for real estate in Lahore, Pakistan.

Due to the innovative concept of exclusive countryside living, Princeton Farms serves you with some exclusive options. Therefore, on behalf of these options the investors get to obtain the best possible ideas. So, it specifically follows in the form of high return investment in Pakistan. 

So, isn’t it something worth exciting! Then what are you waiting for? Consult your queries at or make a call at 042-32803-991-993  

Gold Investment Sector 

Investment in Gold is not only one of the best sectors for high return investment in Pakistan. But it works by the specific methodology to invest. 

Sources of investment 

The investment in this sector ensures the specific criteria of buying and selling. Thus, the most significant sources consist of following. 

Buying Gold Bars 

When it comes to high return investment then buying Gold Bars act as a suitable option. When the market follows a better condition of buying, then investors buy Gold Bars with the help of analysis. But a quick approach also helps to provide with the high return investments. 

Trading of Gold 

It is one of the most valuable means to get high return investments. Trading of Gold works by using the assets. It exists in the form of coins or gold bars. It depends upon the technique of better analysis. So, it needs to follow a better research.

Therefore following this strategy an individual obtains fruitful outcomes in the form of high return investment. 

Investment in Food Chain sector 

The sector of food chain is always rewardable. Due to this reason, we have listed Food chain sector as one of the most profitable sectors of high returns.  

Especially in Pakistan the food chain consists of numerous restaurants, cafes, eateries as well as bars. Thus, due to this reason this sector grants with highest possible returns. 

Stock Market 

Stock Market is one of the profitable business for high return investment. Talking about Pakistan the Stock Market here is ranked as one of the best markets to get highest possible returns. 

Condition to get high returns 

The stock market is quite profitable but it depends upon the condition of better analysis. So, following this there exists following two conditions for highest returns 

  • Better market analysis followed by stats 
  • A quick and effective judgement followed by a rapid method of research 

 Medicine Sector 

Medicine Sector is one of the profitable sectors to consider while looking for high return investments. Specially in Pakistan every second person needs medicine as his essential requirement. Therefore, investment in this sector works as something beneficial for the investors. 

Thus, the investment in this sector also grants you with highest returns. So, in this sector one of the best source consists of pharmaceutical industry. 

Pharmaceutical industry 

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the best suited options for high returns of investment. Specially in Pakistan the pharmaceutical industry acts as a unique option to consider for high returns.  

Though this sector grants the massive profits. But it follows some factors to consider that help to achieve the massive returns. 

Condition to get high returns 

  • One of the important factor to look for high returns consists of the massive investment. Thus, in this sector a person needs to have at least 1520 lacs before looking for high returns 
  •  The significant thing that matters in this sector is quality. So, following that the purchase of medicines must follow specific standards 
  • In order to make an investment in this sector an individual needs to get certified license from the Government 

Thus following all the concerns a person can get high returns in the best possible way. 




Lahore is one of the best and developed cities to invest in Pakistan. Likewise for new housing schemes in Lahore 2022, the opportunities here are widespread. Due to this reason, this city is preferred by investors for the sake of reliability and better facilities linked with life.  

What does an investor look  for while making an investment? 

  • A better future followed by basic facilities of life 
  • A broad perspective regarding the profit and loss statements  
  • Looking for a better perspective followed by minimizing the risk and maximizing the return 
  • An investment option that fulfills all the basic investment determinants like expectations, economic activity, stock of capital, rate of capacity utilization, capital goods with its costs as well as the future based benefits  

Now that there are thousands of housing schemes in Lahore, A question arises that where should an investor spend his savings? In order to answer this question, we have provided you with a list of new housing schemes in Lahore 2022. By the help of this list, you can get an idea to see where to invest or where to not? 


So, here it comes a list comprising of new housing schemes in Lahore 2022. By this list investors will get to know the most suitable options for investment in new housing schemes. 

 This list consists of top 5 new housing schemes to invest in Lahore 2022. 


Top 5 New Housing schemes in Lahore 2022 for investment

  1. Princeton Farms 
  2. Central Park Housing Scheme 
  3. Al-Jalil Garden 
  4. Al-Noor Orchard 
  5. Park View City Lahore 


Princeton Farms 


Japan Road 2 km off, Barki Road Lahore Pakistan 

Innovative Concept 

“Princeton farms is one of its own and it is introducing the concept of exclusive countryside living for the first time in Pakistan” 

Project Statement 

A private countryside experience extended over 300 acres of land. It focuses extensively upon the concept to provide a countryside experience with Florida style architecture 

Exclusive Features 

It consists of some exclusive features that can help to provide facilities better than the rest of its competitors. So, it follows the exclusive features as below. 

  • Community Centre 
  • Walled Gated Community 
  • Care taking maintenance 
  • Eco friendly environment 

Community Centre 

The community center features to promote the concept of community. It depends upon the healthy living concept. It basically aims at the promotion of healthy lifestyle with the help of promoting group activities as well as the concept of unity. 

Walled Gated Community 

The walled gated community provides you with security and protection. A safe and secure environment is the need of the hour. So, it is specially introduced at Princeton Farms in the form of walled gated community with facilities like CCTV Cameras, secure entrance and exit. It also consists of the availability of security guards serving you with 24 hours security. 

Care taking maintenance 

This feature of care taking maintenance is one of the exclusive features of Princeton Farms. This feature helps you with the facility to have the protection of your land in your absence. 

The investors especially the overseas are always worried regarding the security conditions at PakistanSo, Princeton Farms provides an efficient solution to resolve this issue by their feature of caretaking maintenance. 

Eco friendly environment 

As Princeton Farms involves the exclusive countryside experience, therefore it is focused upon the eco-friendly environment being close to nature. So, here you not only get to have an ecofriendly environment but it serves you with a healthy lifestyle away from the problems of life. 

To know more about Princeton Farms, ook a call at +92 42 32803555 or Email at 


Central Park Housing Scheme 

Location (Head Office) 

248 C, Broadway commercial, DHA, Phase 8, Lahore Pakistan 

Basic Facilities 

  • Plot with sizes of 3.5 as well as 5 Marla with options like down Payment as well as installment 
  • Wide roads with lush green view to provide you with fully carpeted roads that can facilitate you in a better way 
  • A series of restaurant that can provide you with a high quality of restaurants in a better way 
  • A fully equipped health club that works in a better way for all your fitness needs 
  • 24 hours security to provide you with a safe and secure environment for residence 

To get more valuable information book a call at 042-111-109-109 or Email at  


Al-Jalil Garden 


Main Lahore, Sharaqpur road, Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, Faizpur interchange, Lahore Pakistan 

Basic facilities 

  • Plot sizes with 5,8,10 as well as 20 Marlas are available with installment plans and down payment options 
  • Continuous Power supply is the need of the hour especially for Pakistan. Making this true Al-Jalil Garden provides you with the best facilities of continuous power supply. 
  • Unique facility of mall to the shopping lovers in the form of Al-Jalil mall. It is a grand mall to serve you with best facilities of its kind 
  • World class facilities related with quality food serves something best considered for the people to choose this new housing scheme 

For more queries book a call at 042-111-333-987 or Email at  

Al Noor Orchard 


Sharaqpur shareef road main Jaranwala Road Lahore Pakistan 

Basic facilities 

  • Plot sizes with 5,8,10 as well as 20 Marlas. These are available on installments with minimum investment plan 
  • Jamia Mosque to provide the basic facilities of prayers to the residents 
  • Community  clubexist there to bring about the best suited recreational facilities for the residents 
  • Entertainment and luxury are the best privileges of this new housing scheme. The idea here is thereby present to provide better facilities of entertainment to the public 

 To contact further regarding some important quyeries, Book a call at +92 -300- 4777 -901 or Email at

Park View City Lahore 


Park View City, Multan Road Lahore 

Basic Facilities 

  • Plot sizes with 5 and 10 Marlas are available on down Payments as well installment plans. It helps to provide valuable facility of residence to the clients 
  • It is easily accessible for anyone. So, it follows an easy pathway followed by Thokar Niaz Baig Flyover 
  • The security is the top most priority for the customers to consider. So, at park view city this feature adds value to the importance of Park View City 
  • Numerous parks as well as the entertainment facilities in the form of Imax cinema provides recreational facilities to the public 
  • Schools, parks as well as the facility of mosque helps to provide better facilities of life to the residents 

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Pakistan is becoming one of the preferred locations for the sake of looking for some kind of investment opportunities. Likewise, the investment opportunities in Lahore is the most considered topic of research. It specifically exists when it comes to some sort of investments. The investments are thereby considered as a kind of futuristic approach. It comprises of following better future based upon the idealistic technique for investment. 

Investment opportunities in Lahore 2022

After getting the understanding regarding some of the best investment opportunities in Lahore. We get to know that these are widely dependent upon interest and yours approach towards a better future. So, following that our listing grants an insight regarding some of the best opportunities in Lahore like below. 

  • Real estate 
  • Property investment 
  • Restaurants 
  • Clothing 
  • Agriculture 
  • Trading 

Real estate 

Talking about the economy of Pakistan we come to know that real estate is considered to be  a beneficial thing. But when we get to see the investment opportunities in Lahore. The real estate sector turns out as one of the emerging sector.  So we get to see this with some kind of profitable business approach. This not only serves you with the considered approach of framework. But it is following the best suited idea.  It grants an insight regarding the considered approach to look for in future. The real sector is rapidly expanding specifically for Pakistan. Our real estate sector thereby serves as a credential element. Therefore we get to observe this as one of the considered investment opportunities in Lahore. 

Property investment 

One of the preferred investment options to look for overseas or anyone willing for investment. It depends upon his better future. Therefore, investment in property helps to serve with an idealistic approach. We get to understand our better insights regarding the preferred approach for property investment. Investment in property helps to provide a futuristic approach. So it can be useful for a better work when we get to know the most suitable approach following the future. The investments are considered profitable when these serve with profits as well as a better option for future. Therefore, the investment in property has always been one of the considered approaches. As it helps to observe a profitable approach for future. Property investment is ideal specifically when we get to have an idea regarding the best investment opportunities in Lahore. 


The business related with food like in the form of restaurants serve as an essential parameter following the better approach followed by a futuristic strategy. The business of restaurants has always been in a tremendous demand as everybody is keen to look for new restaurants with their flavors being unique then their competitors. So, the business in this concern serves as an essential one when we get to observe specific conditions of investment specifically in Lahore. The city of Lahore is known to be famous for its exotic cuisines and traditional flavors. Therefore, the investment in businesses like Restaurants provide a better means to consider when we are looking for some kind of investment opportunities in Lahore. 


The economy of Pakistan depends upon the agriculture as it is considered as a backbone for the economy of Pakistan. The country of Pakistan depends upon the agricultural means extensively as it plays a dynamic role in the economy of Pakistan. Talking about this specific approach we get to know that Pakistan is depending upon the agricultural means in an extensive manner. The businesses in agriculture specifically comprise of retailing, wholesale distributors, suppliers, farmer producers as well as the pesticides and better means to supply the crops with seeds following the seeds business. Therefore, investment in this sector in this sector is not only profitable in Pakistan but it is also significant as an investment opportunity specified for Lahore. 


Trading serves a top notched means when it gets to be considered as a sort of profitable means specifically for the cities like Lahore. Pakistan Stock Exchange plays a significant role in this concern. It not only grants the immense sort of profits but it focuses upon the better developed means when we get to see the best investment opportunities. The stocks in Pakistan are always depending upon the profit and loss statement. It abides by the probability and precision. Therefore, investment in this sector relies upon the probability. Thus, following that we should be focused upon the probability to see that one can get profits but there could be loss as well. 

 Preferred locations for real estate investments in Lahore 

Talking about the most suitable investments in Pakistan we get to see real estate  as one of the emerging sector. Therefore, for cities like Lahore real estate serves as an essential approach following the business opportunities specifically for overseas. The preferred locations are thereby comprised of following. 

  • Raiwind road 
  • Barki road following DHA 


Raiwind road 

Raiwind road serves as an ideal location when we get to see the best investments abiding by the opportunities. Thus, following the property investments we get to know that this location is the considered feature. It involves one following the latest means like facilities, large capacity as well as the hub surrounding various housing schemes. This hub can serves as a prime location to follow the strategy of investment. But following the incredible means like the location as well as the location followed by serenity then this location turns out to be an idealistic one. We get to see the best opportunities in context of investment there so it turns out to be a preferred location for a valuable investment. The popular societies in this location comprises of some popular names like Bahria Town Lahore as well as Lake City Lahore. 

Bahria Town Lahore 

When it comes to follow the best opportunities for investment in housing schemes then Bahria Town Lahore serves to be the one considered mean following the latest facilities as well as attractions for public with its monuments like Grand Jamia Mosque as well as the Eiffel Tower of Bahria Town. So, it turns out to be a sort of public attraction. 

Lake City Lahore 

When we intend to see the societies with some better facilities and attractions for tourists. If we consider touristys as well as the locals then Lake City Lahore stands out as a unique society. With the better attractions and vast space, we get to see Lake City Lahore to follow a considered approach. 

Barki road following DHA 

When we get to see a prime location for investment in real estate sector then DHA serves to be the considered location following opportunities like various institutions as well as a developed housing society. Thus, it stands to be near to Allama Iqbal International Airport. Thus, it not only provides you with countless options being available but it tends to provide a better suited option in the form of having institutions like Lahore School of Economics, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Beaconhouse school system as well as the Lahore Grammar School. Furthermore, it comprises of real estate investment options in the form of countryside concept being located at Barki Road DHA Raya. This opportunity exists in the form of Princeton farms. 

Princeton Farms 

Princeton farms serves out to be the ideal real estate investment opportunity located at a splendid site of an ideal location of Barki Road. This serves out to be one of the considered approach for best investment options like for the overseas. It is not only comprised of remarkable facilities but it is one of the unique options specifically concerned with best investment opportunities in Lahore for overseas as well as the citizens of Pakistan.