Farmhouses can be dated back to the wide ranging fields of Scandinavia and Germany in Europe. Farmhouses were popular among the working class families, quite contrary to modern day. It made it’s way across the seas, introducing along the countryside of Quebec and Ontario. As the farmhouse design was easily build-able by hand and was easy on the time, it swiftly spread to the West during the 1700s.

The 1930s in the United States brought about a new era for the American Farmhouse. Prior to this, farmhouses and country living was extremely harsh with no running water or electricity. Farmhouses had to rely on wood burning stoves, kerosene lamps and outhouses. City dwellers enjoyed the luxury of electricity that produced proper lighting and useful appliances. By the 1940s, almost every rural farmhouse had a radio and electricity.

From the simple times of early America to the present era of electronic and architectural advancement, the farmhouse design still remains popular among many people in the United States.

However, at the end of the day, the farmhouse always falls back on its love of the surrounding country land and the nostalgia of a simple life and architectural history of America.

Ramadan Offer

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