History of Real Estate  

The terminology of Real estate was used back in 1800 with reference to sales and purchase of property. So there is no certainty about the origin of this terminology but according to the rumors this terminology was used first time as a result of buying and selling of homes in London.

Origin of Real Estate  

Thus talking about the terminology we get to see that it follows the origination from Early Modern English in the year 1660.  

Similarly, the two words from Real and Estate have their own unique significance. Here “Real” means actual while “Estate” is derived from French word “Estat” meaning reputation or status.  


Similarly a popular writer  beautifully explains the beauty of this sector as below.


“Real Estate cannot be lost or stolen nor it cannot be taken away. Purchased with quick analysis. Paid in a fully manner and managed with reasonable care. So, it is one of the safest investments in the world.” (Franklin Roosevelt) 


Sectors of Real Estate  

There are many sectors of Real Estate. Thus the most considered one’s which are preferred worldwide consist of following.   

  • Sector of Land  
  • Residential Sector  
  • Commercial Sector  
  • Industrial Sector  

Sector of Land  

The area which is quite barren and is totally free from any cultivation as well as vegetation is categorized under the sector of land. Many Real Estate developers utilize this piece of land to make it usable for the purpose of buying and selling.  

Residential Sector  

This is one of the most popular sectors of Real Estate. Investment in this sector provides you with some fruitful outcomes.  

Specially for residential purposes this sector is one of its kind. Here the residential schemes in the form of plots, apartments as well as residential housing schemes have a lot more to offer.  

Commercial Sector  

This sector of commercial aspect consists of shopping malls, offices, parking lots, medical centers as well as hotels.  

Here in this sector businesses make use of the commercial sector to a great extent.  

Industrial Sector  

In this sector we get to see various opportunities of land for industrial sector. Here the area is utilized for industrial purposes such as Factories, Mechanical productions, industries, factories, transportation as well as Logistics.  

So, different sectors serve to add value to this specific sector.

Global position of Real Estate  

Globally the analysis linked with the specific sector predicts that this market shows fluctuations with the rapid pace of time.  

Global position estimates that this market is expected to grow from 2687 bln USD to 2774 bln USD with the rapid growth of 3.2%.  


Regions of Real Estate market 

  • Asia Pacific 
  • Western Europe 
  • Africa 


Asia Pacific was referred to be the largest market of Real Estate which accounts for 40% of the market. So this is the top region when we get to see the best regions for this specific sector


Western Europe is regarded to be the second largest market of Real Estate for the world. The percentage of this market accounts for 24%. 


Africa being the smallest real estate market of the world is well known due to its lesser interaction and progress for Real Estate. 


Real Estate market in Pakistan 

Real estate market in Pakistan shows fluctuations with variations in different cities with their own preferences.  

Similarly, the real estate sector is prominent in different cities in their own unique way. But in this article, we will provide you insight into some of the prime cities for real estate in Pakistan. 

Cities in Pakistan with a demand for Real Estate 

  • Karachi 
  • Lahore 
  • Islamabad 


The largest city of Pakistan is a preferable destination for Real Estate. Karachi is the prime location for housing schemes.  

Specifications for Real Estate 

  • Ideal for corporate sector with the area specification of 16 min. Sq ft 
  • Here there is a wide scope for the sectors like land, residence as well as the industrial ones 

Best housing schemes for Real Estate in Karachi 2022 

There are countless housing schemes that are functional in Karachi. But in this article, we are providing you with a listing with some best options as below. 

  • Scheme 33 
  • Bahria town 
  • ASF housing scheme 
  • DHA City Karachi 
  • Gulistan-e-Johar 

Scheme 33 

Currently Scheme 33 is preferred to be the ideal Real Estate location for Karachi. Here the location is ideal due to the facilities nearby like Housing, Commercial sector, educational facilities, Hospital facilities as well as Shopping facilities.  

So, for Karachi investors should consider Scheme 33. 



It is not only the second largest city of Pakistan but it is preferred by overseas investors for selecting as the best suited option. Due to the better perks of life Lahore is an ideal location for the concept of housing framework in Pakistan. 

Specifications for Real Estate 

  • The area specification for Lahore turns out to be as 8 min. Sq ft 
  • Prime location to grab the better opportunities of housing schemes 

Best housing schemes for Real Estate in Lahore 2022 

  • Princeton Farms 
  • Bahria Town 
  • LDA Avenue 
  • Kings Town Housing Scheme 
  • Al-Jalil Garden 

Princeton Farms 

Princeton Farms is one of the new housing schemes in Lahore with the concept of exclusive countryside living. Investment in this innovative project provides the investors with a secure investment for future.

So, if this project awakes an interest in you then you can either book a call at +92 42 32803555 or Email at . 


The capital of Pakistan is the most prominent sector of basic life facilities in Pakistan. Here the housing schemes are in a huge number. Further the better facilities linked with different aspects make Islamabad a successful location to consider. 

Specifications for Real Estate 

  • The specifications for area provide the idea that it is 7 min.Sq ft 
  • Similarly, the corporate sector is in a high demand here so we get to see the best possible schemes out there 

Best housing schemes for Real Estate in Islamabad 2022 

  • Bahria housing scheme 
  • Defense housing scheme 
  • Gulbery housing scheme 
  • Capital smart city 
  • Sigma housing scheme 
  • Faisal town 

Bahria housing scheme 

The city of Islamabad is preferred by overseas investors due to better infrastructure and various facilities of life.

Similarly, for this obvious reason we get to see Bahria housing scheme as one of the top notched housing schemes for Islamabad. 


Pakistan is currently at the road  to progress. Talking about the best investment in Pakistan there is the presence of different zones where the investors can invest for a bright future and huge profits.

Thus, talking about the possibilities here in Pakistan the investors get to see various possibilities for making new investments in any specific sector.  

Yet the possibilities consist of some secure zones for investment as follows. 

Zones of best investment in Pakistan 

There is a long list that provides an idea regarding the secure investment options for investors. But in this article, we will grant an idea regarding some of the best and secure investments with highest returns. It consists of following. 

  • Real Estate 
  • High investment saving accounts 
  • Cryptocurrency 
  • Short-term Government bonds 
  • Value stocks 

Real Estate 

The zone of Real Estate is one of the best investment in Pakistan. This zone has shown significant success in recent years. 

The market analysis has stated this zone to be one of the best considered when it comes to the best investment in Pakistan.  

This zone is the room of opportunities for the investors. So, here the possibilities are widespread and unique.

Yet the most prominent sectors consist of following. 

  • Residential 
  • Commercial 
  • Industrial 
  • Special use 

As this listing grants valuable idea to the investors to see the best investment but here the most suitable sector is residential one. So it consists of a housing scheme. 

Housing Scheme 

Housing scheme is one of the best investment options for Real Estate sector. Such a kind of schemes in Pakistan are showing progress in a short span of time.  

So, in this article we are granting insight into one of the best housing scheme as below. 

Princeton Farms 

One of the valuable options for real estate sector in Lahore Pakistan is Princeton Farms. This is based upon the concept of exclusive countryside living.  

Hence, with this suitable option the investors can see the better investment option for future.  

So, if you are interested to get knowledge regarding this innovative housing scheme, book a call at +92 42 3280 3555 or Email at . 


Real estate sector is one of the rapidly developing sectors but this sector demands highest investments. So before thinking of making investments in this zone, the investors should be aware of the huge investments as well as extra added charges..


The zone of real estate is highly rewarding. Here not only the investments are safe and secure but here the investors especially the overseas can have better outcomes for future. Like it not only helps to own a piece of l;and but the investors can get highest revenues by either starting new businesses or renting the owned piece of land.

High investment saving accounts 

Online saving accounts are some of the valuable options while looking for best possible returns. Such a kind of investment works in a beneficial way to have valuable outputs.  

Such accounts are quite effective when we see some valuable options for investment.

These accounts are also beneficial for better outputs of futuristic purpose. 


Such accounts help to a great extent but when we get to see the pros, here the most important thing consists of Inflation. 

Inflation can be the fate of any sector so this thing is quite significant while saving accounts are going to be opened. 


Many investment options lead you to follow the working by investing once. But in saving accounts you can add or withdraw money as per your requirement. 

So here the benefit arises in the form of having a quick way to add or withdraw the required amount. 


Cryptocurrency has become an essential source of high investment. Specially this method has become popular in the recent years.  

While Bitcoin has become the new and better means of digital currency so it adds value to the cryptocurrencies as well.

Currently there are many cryptocurrencies like Dodge Coin, Ethereum, NFTs, Stellar, Litecoin as well as Stellar. 

So, with the latest knowledge this source acts as a better option like best investment in Pakistan too. 


Though many risk factors are linked with such a kind of assets. But the most important consists of a proper strategy. 

Better strategy 

The better investment by Cryptocurrencies demands a better market analysis. Without this the functioning of cryptocurrencies cannot be achieved in a better way. Further this can lead the traders to win or either follow extreme loss. 

Sudden rise and fall 

The world of cryptocurrency works with the matter of sudden changes. It can lead to sudden win or sudden loss but with such conditions the investors should be prepared for facing any complicated situation. 


The cons consist of high returns. So, by having better techniques and analysis we get to see the quick and best possible returns. 

Thus, there is a high chance to get huge profits with the help of better market analysis following the cryptocurrency. 

Government Bonds 

Government bonds are one of the best means to get valuable returns for investment. These bonds can be long term or short but it depends upon the specific schemes introduced by the Government. 

Short term bonds 

Such a kind of bonds help to grab huge profits. The investors can get profits huge profits in a short span of time. 

These bonds are kind of national schemes as well as national schemes introduced by the Government. and it also includes the Prize bonds.

The most popular names in this category consists of famous Bonds like National Saving Bonds as well as Wapda Bonds

These bonds are quite effective in bringing about the huge profits in a limited span of time. 

Long term bonds 

Such a kind of bonds are quite beneficial as these help to provide benefits to the investors to have investment returns that are long lasting. 

With the help of such bonds the profits are granted but on a yearly basis. It works by a one-time investment and so the profits are granted on a yearly basis. 

The prominent names in this category consist of Pakistan Investment Bonds, Corporate Bonds as well as US Special Dollar Bonds. 


Like any other source the bonds help to bring about the best possible opportunities but it depends upon the risks. 

So before buying the bonds an individual must be ready to face the situations linked with risks. 


It consists of highest possible profits depending upon fate. But this also brings about the better revenues. 

So, this technique is one of the best possible technique when we want to grab the huge profits. 

Value Stocks 

The stock market of Pakistan is one of the best considered when it comes to stocks. The stocks are a good way to grab better revenues. 

Funding in stocks help to bring about the large benefits to the investors. So, the investors can see the better future for their investments with the help of Stocks. 

It is interested to know that Pakistan Stock Market is ranked 5th among the best stock markets of the world. 


Being one of the best methods for investment, the stocks are the valuable assets but when it comes to get the profits these depend upon sudden fluctuations. 

So, it will be impossible to predict whether the investors will get highest possible revenues or not. 


As Pakistan is ranked among top 10 stock markets of the world so this highly shows the importance of this market. 

Being one of its own with better market analysis stocks are considered to be valuable for some future investments. 




Pakistan serves as one of the best locality for investment. So, the investment in Pakistan consists of various factors on behalf of which the investors like the overseas can get an idea for investment like Where to invest in Pakistan and where not to?

Is investment in Pakistan fruitful? 

Pakistan is an ideal region due to its huge scope for investment. Likewise, the investment in the economy of Pakistan consists of some factors which predict the idea for investment. So, the answer of this question depends upon following factors.  

  • A Well-considered location: The location of Pakistan act as a strong factor to consider for investment. As Pakistan serves as a passageway to different countries so it is quite significant. Furthermore, the project of CPEC acts as a valuable asset for Pakistan. Hence it provides a good idea for investment in Pakistan 


  • Sustainable Economic Growth: The Economy of Pakistan consists of a strong and independent workforce. The sustainable economic growth exists here due to the hardworking workforce being strong, educated and intelligent. This workforce works day and night to achieve its goals. So, it works to provide a good idea for investment 


  • Law of economic zone: Pakistan is the region where the Law of Special Economic zones is present. This law helps the investors to work freely without any involvment from the Government. 


  • Foreign Direct Investment or FDI: Pakistan is the state where we get to see the foreign investors helping the local investors from Pakistan. The FDI’s are therefore helping the investors to a great extent. Specially for Pakistan, China is the biggest FDI since many years. 

By listing the major factors for investment in Pakistan, we are listing the major reasons for investment in Pakistan. It consists of Top 10 sectors for investment in Pakistan. 

Top 10 sectors for investment in Pakistan 

  1. Real Estate
  2. Schemes by Government
  3. Foreign Exchange Investment
  4. .Currencies for investment
  5. Investment in Commodities
  6. Gold Trading
  7. Deposits in Pakistan
  8. Mutual Funds for investment
  9. Pharmaceutical industries
  10. Educational sector 

 1.Real Estate 

The sector of Real Estate has a bright future in Pakistan. This sector is the most considered choice of the investors. The investors in this sector prefer it due to the best opportunities for future. Specially this sector comprises of construction business like housing schemes. So, it makes it a better choice for investment. Furthermore, one of the new housing scheme is listed in this article as below.

Housing Scheme for investment in Pakistan 

While talking about real estate the new housing scheme consists of Princeton Farms Lahore. With the new initiative of exclusive countryside living, this project is the future of real estate for Pakistan.  

So, if you are interested to know more about this concept contact at or make a call at +92 42 3280 3555

2.Schemes by Government 

The Government of Pakistan introduces new schemes every year. These schemes are introduced to provide suitable opportunities to the investors. Likewise, the schemes like Roshan Apna Ghar, Sohni Dharti ,Remittance Program as well as Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme are one of the prominent names for investment in Pakistan. 

3.Foreign Exchange Investment 

This is one of the unique investment opportunities in Pakistan. This opportunity is one of the better options following the basic requirements. 

  • Buying the asset: By the help of this the investors like the overseas use to buy the assets in the form of digital currencies like Forex is the platform in Pakistan 
  • By the help of Trading: This option helps to grab massive revenues as a result of trading. So, investment in this sector helps to get profits with better market analysis. 

4.Currencies for Investment 

It is one of the best options to get massive revenues in Pakistan. It follows the following approaches. 

Buying the currencies: The best method to obtain the investment is to buy the specific currencies. So, this method is selected by most of the investors to get valuable returns 

Selling the currencies: After buying the currencies another task consists of selling the currencies when the prices get high. So, this acts as a best method to consider by the investors. 

5.Investment in Commodities 

Commodities serve as one of the best method for getting profits. It simply works like trading but it follows the method of buying and selling of raw materials rather than trading. So, it adds value to act as one of the best method to get better outputs in Pakistan. 

6.Gold Trading 

Gold acts as a treasure for investment in Pakistan. The buying and selling of Gold Bars not only help to get effective returns in Pakistan. But this process is the convenient and best means for investment.  

So, by the trading of gold on platforms like Forex or selling Gold Bars on local market, Gold Trading is a suitable technique of investment. 

7.Deposits in Pakistan 

One of the effective methods of investment in Pakistan consists of Bank Deposits. By the help of this an individual can not only save his money in a secure way, but it provides the investment in the form of profits. 

Therefore you get the profits while saving the money.

So isn’t it an interesting thing to consider? 

8.Mutual Funds for investment 

This method works beneficial as the method is quite easy to start. Not only is it easy but it works by the account opening involving a specific company. The working is judged as a result of better outcomes. 

The Asset Management Company or AMC works in an effective way for Pakistan. So, it involves the two conditions. 

  • There must be one account that is registered 
  • The account must be having money in it 

So, as long as the account is there AMC continues to do its work and provides you the profits that this account gets. 

9.Pharmaceutical Industries 

This sector is one of the best while looking for an investment. The pharmaceutical investments help the investors to get immense profits. 

So, this sector provides with the better revenues as a result of investment. 

10.Educational Sector 

This is one of the effective sectors to have investment. Here the investors can open private educational institutions like schools, colleges, universities as well as academies. 

It not only provides a valuable approach in the progress of Pakistan. But it also works to increase the number of educational institutions for the betterment of Pakistan.









The monotonous routine of life demands something exciting and different from the rest of others like Farmhouses Pakistan. Talking about this specific aspect, the countryside experience in the form of a classic farmhouse provides a different kind of experience from a casual routine. So, if you are willing to get information regarding a unique experience then this blog is the right choice for you to give a read.  

 A unique lifestyle for living in the form of a classic farmhouse  

Our casual lifestyle serves something that is going on in the same direction without a change. So why not we grab a grab an option that provides a unique experience in the form of a better lifestyle. Our lifestyle demands a change at some phase in our lives. Therefore, this concept in the form of classic farmhouse helps to provide a wonderful experience of lifetime.  


Farmhouses Pakistan  

Te concept of farmhouses in Pakistan depends upon the fact that nature lovers mostly look keen towards this concept. As this concept is to make people close to nature so this adds value to the conceptual framework. Furthermore, talking about the farmhouses in Pakistan we observe that Farmhouses in Pakistan are in a numerous number as the agricultural land of Pakistan extends to about 79.6 million acres. 


So, talking about Pakistan the supreme locations to look for the investments specifically for a farmhouse are comprised of cities like Karachi and Lahore 


Classic Farmhouse concept in Karachi 

Karachi is not only the biggest city of Pakistan. But its ideal location comprising of the natural scenery of the oceans tend to make it a prime location. It specially follows an approach of farmhouse concept. At Karachi many ideal locations make it feasible to have farmhouse concept. Yet following this approach of scenery we get to know that there are numberless farmhouses. So in Karachi due to an expensive space bound by the natural scenery of Arabian Sea this city is comprised of various spots. It is concerned with the specific environment bound by various picnic points of Sea. Though there are many farmhouses in Karachi but we will consider the popular ones. Thus, the farmhouses there are comprised of following. 

Rani Empire Resort 

Due to the countless attractions that this farmhouse offers for public. Rani Empire resort is sought to be the preferred one. It is considered as the number one farmhouse specifically in Karachi. It comprises of 9 exclusive golf courses, a dynamic birds aviary, swimming pools as well as the green sight bound by various plants as well as vegetation. Thus, due to these countless facilities we get to see the reason that makes it one of the prominent locations for an idealistic farmhouse environment in Karachi. 

Shamsi Unit 1 

This resort gets to attain the ranking after Rani Empire resort. This not only comprises of countless facilities in a convenient manner. But it specifically acts as a significant environment due to the facilities related with Sports. The Sports are the reason based upon facilities to a large extent. It is the major attraction for sport lovers in Karachi. Likewise, it consists of a vast sports complex. But it has gotten the facilities like Basketball court, tennis court, table tennis, football grounds, cricket grounds as well as the concerned features associated with Sports 

 Farmhouses in Lahore 

Lahore is one of the prominent cities of Pakistan due to its various features. Specific features that bring about the promotion of a cultural heritage as well as the traditional monuments. Thus, it also serves to be prominent location for a farmhouse concept. Due to ideal location along with the natural scenery. We tend to see this city as a best considered for a framework of farm houses concept. Therefore, it serves as an ideal location following the considered approach of a farmhouse concept. Thus, one of the best farmhouses in Lahore are based upon following idealistic locations to consider for the best farmhouses in Lahore.


Raiwind Road 

This location is significant to see from the perspective of facilities away from the hustle and bustle of life. It stands out as an ideal location that adds value to look for a farmhouse framework. Thus, this location focuses to bring about the betterment following the prime location. Here the societies are comprised of  

  • Bahria town Lahore 
  • Lake City 
DHA site 

The location of DHA focuses upon the better facilities and services along with the framework of better facilities like the availability of various resources like the institutions. Its listing comprises of some of the popular institutions like LSE (Lahore school of Economics), Beaconhouse school system, LUMS (Lahore university of management sciences) along with the availability of Allama Iqbal International airport. Thus, it helps to provide an effective approach regarding the idealistic approach of countless facilities. Following this location, the best farmhouse concept exists as below.  

Princeton Farms 

Princeton Farms stands at the prominent location when it turns out to consider a countryside concept with a unique lifestyle. The Princeton farms serve as your preferred farmhouse location when we get to see the facilities with an idealistic framework following the futuristic concept. It consists of the countless perks that is demanding for a unique concept of farmhouse concept in Lahore. The location of this Farmhouse on Barki Road helps to stand as a classic farmhouse on such an exotic location of Lahore. Hence due to an ideal location as well as the attraction following the approach. It is one of the top notched site of DHA Princeton Farms is one of the unique farmhouse concept in Lahore. 

 Advantages to buy a farmhouses in Pakistan  

Although the advantages to buy a farmhouse in Pakistan adds great attention to the nature lovers in the form of a classic farmhouse. But for others the advantages help to provide a definite insight for a futuristic approach. Hence the advantages are comprised of following.  

  • Relaxation from hectic life:The same and boring routine of life makes a person feel irritated and disturbed at times so this concept to buy a farmhouse adds relaxation from tough routine 
  • A living experience in a natural environment: The living experience with a nature-based scenery can help you to experience better by having natural stuff like fruits and vegetables 
  • Peaceful time of retirement:The age of retirement brings about something that can help to provide the mind with calmness and peace. The persons getting retired are keen to spend their peaceful time in a serene environment. Thus, the environment of a farmhouse helps to achieve such goals in a better way. 
  • Peace of human mind: Human mind is fascinated by green sight and lush green views. Thus, the environment full of greenery not only presents a beautiful sight. But it helps to bring about the freshness for the better performance of brain 
  • A better experience:A countryside living experience is something that a person must experience in his life. So, following that the developed farmhouse communities help to provide a better experience of lifetime 
  • Feel close to nature:In an environment of farmhouse an individual can up bring the development of livestock for healthy food. But this experience brings you close towards nature 
  • Additional income: Another significant factor of importance comprises of additional income in the form of putting the farmhouse on rent. Therefore, buying a farmhouse can serve you with some additional events. 



Being a real estate agent is an essential part of the real estate industry. He acts as liaison between buyers and sellers, helping to find potential homes that are suitable for both sides. Becoming a real estate agent can be a rewarding career choice, but it does require some dedication. 

Why become a Real Estate Agent? 

Working as a real estate agent provides a wide range of experiences. You won’t be doing the same thing every day while earning a more handsome amount than any job doing person. You’ll get to meet and work with a diverse range of people, be your boss, and have the satisfaction of assisting buyers and sellers through one of life’s most significant milestones. 

How to become a Real Estate Agent in Pakistan? 

You must have heard that real estate agents are useless and not helpful at all. But, that’s a myth as a real estate agent is a person with skills and knowledge. His experience is more than any commoner, and if he has a good background history, he can be trustworthy. One of the facts about the real estate market is that real estate agents can be beneficial for price negotiation and finding the best property in town

Real Estate Market Pakistan 

For the last decade, the real estate market in Pakistan has been growing at exponential rates. Those who used to think that this market is not beneficial for agents are proven wrong because people who started working as agents a few years back are now earning too good. There are millions of agents in the country, but few are successful.

Tips for becoming a Successful Real Estate Agent 

Many people want to become successful real estate agents. But how can you do this? There are specific skills and traits that you should possess to become a successful real estate agent. 

Successful real estate agents must be willing and able to put in the hours necessary for their job. It takes dedication to get up early, ready yourself for an 8-hour day, and then follow through until the end of the workday. If you want to be a highly successful real estate agent, you will also need discipline, good memory skills, and reading people.  

If you are looking for a career in Pakistan, you must first get a degree in business administration. It will give you theoretical knowledge that an uneducated competent will lack. Here are some tips for becoming a successful real estate agent in Pakistan. 

  • Acquire knowledge 
  • Be tenacious 
  • Learn the market 
  • Follow the trends 
  • Have know-how of legal terms 
  • Good communication skills 
  • Be honest 

To know the answer of, “how to become a successful real estate agent in Pakistan?” Follow these tips.

Work with Senior agents

Asking for a helping hand from a successful agent who is also willing to mentor you is the best way to move up the ladder. You’ll need to find a knowledgeable property dealer and have a track record of closing deals successfully. Keep in mind that real estate agents, brokers, and property dealers in Pakistan are busy people who may not devote enough time to mentoring or training. Asking a mentor to let you accompany them to meetings and deals is a better way to learn from them.

Set a Goal 

The first thing you need to do is set a goal and follow it. You can’t expect success if you don’t have a goal. Think of your goal as the GPS that will guide you through the steps needed for success. If your goal is to be an agent, you need to know what that means and what it takes to become one. You can not take the whole market within days. You must start with short and smart goals and complete them one by one. 

  • Trust on yourself 
  • Build a trustworthy team 
  • Know the strength of your business 
  • Make your goals clear to your team 

Building a Team 

Hire people with passion and hard working skills. Teamwork can be the best work if all members are ready to work with the same passion. You must not be worried about if the team is small or you do not have enough resources for the start-up. But, if all of you have sharp minds and genuine passion, then no one can stop you from becoming a successful real estate agent and then an agency. 

Learn Technology

Technological advancement has changed the whole industry. There was a time when you required much time for registration. But, the time has changed now, so do the ways and terms. You need a second to click on google and get yourself registered. The inclusion of technology in real estate, such as Roshan digital accounts and other apps, has eased the investment process. As a real estate agent, you must have the know-how of technology. 

Observe the Government Policies 

Government policies directly affect the real estate industry. The recent relaxation in withholding taxes by the government has relaxed the market and given chances to grow. You must have an eye on policies to know the market trends and deal with the clients according to them. 

Good Communication Skills 

If your communication is strong, it will help you build trust and convey your points in a good way. You must be polite and have patience while dealing. 

Time management 

A successful real estate agent knows how to manage time. It shows his dedication to the task. He must do the following things. 

  • Prepare to-do list 
  • Don’t get distracted 
  • Stay in touch with past clients 
  • Make a list of goals 
  • Work on listing 

Be Honest 

Being honest is also one of the tips for becoming a successful real estate agent. It will help you build a good profile and provide good opportunities to enhance your marketing skills.

A real estate buyer’s guide is one of the most important things in the market. If you want to buy or sell the house, you must not do it blindly. It is not gambling because you must have complete research and knowledge of the market. After all, knowledge is a power that will help you make wise investment decisions. The buyer’s guide includes home inspection and other legal documentation that should be analyzed and fulfilled for future purposes. 

Home Inspection 

Before buying a house or property, you must follow the buyer’s guide to home inspection. A home inspection is a process in which you check the home’s condition before buying to keep yourself safe from future liabilities. It helps in price negotiation and increases your information about the property. 

Why Get a Home Inspection?

Buying a home is one of the most significant investments you will ever make. To make a wise investment, you should learn as much as you can about the property’s condition and repair needs. A home inspection provides important information about the home’s structure, safety, potential repair costs, and ongoing maintenance requirements. 

Hire an Inspector 

If you don’t have enough time to follow the real estate buyers guide, you must hire an inspector who will help you complete your task. You must consult a real estate company; they can give you a few trustworthy names in the field. Inspector has more knowledge and experience than a commoner. He can prepare a Home inspection checklist for buyers’ reports for you to help the cause.

Home Inspection Checklist for Buyers 

It would help if you prepared a checklist before buying a home. You must start from major things such as the house’s exterior and then move towards minor things such as lights or plumbing.  

Check Foundation 

Foundation is the main thing to check because everything is built on a foundation. If it is weak, the whole property is not worth buying. If anything happens, such as an earthquake, the foundation must be strong to bear that. 

Examine Exterior 

The first thing that people see in a house is its outer look. The exterior must be fine and in good condition. If the exterior is fine, tick the box in the checklist and move towards the interior. 

Interior of House 

The interior of the house includes windows, doors, or walls. You must keep the following points in mind. 

  • Doors are in good condition 
  • Windows are not broken 
  • The ceiling must be fine 
  • Walls should not be strained 

Go to Garden 

There are houses which contain gardens. They always have a positive impact on the visitors. Check the garden thoroughly. You must also take a look at walkways. 

Check the Plumbing 

The most important aspect of in-home inspection is plumbing. Most people are unaware of this and don’t know how to check plumbing. Let’s go through the points that will help us understand that. 

  • Is there a constant flow of water in the pipes?  
  • Is there adequate airflow in every room of the house?  
  • Is the air conditioning working properly?  
  • Are the gas connections secure and functional? 
  • Are the pipes in good working order? 
  • Are your pipes rusted or broken?  
  • Is the water pump in good working order?  

If you feel any smell or any leakage, you must note that and write that down. 

Check the Roof 

See the condition of the roof if it is good enough to bear the heavy rains or not. Most ceiling roofs start leaking after rain, or there is an issue of tiles; you must keenly observe that. 

Electrical Appliances 

Operate all electrical appliances while doing a home inspection. Check the exterior lights or bulbs. Go into the bedrooms and notice the electrical appliances one by one. It is time-consuming, but you have to do it if you don’t want any loss. 


Wood damage is common due to insects. You can find these issues in furniture or the exterior of the house. 

Exposed Wiring 

Exposed wiring is a telltale sign that it is difficult to live in a place where there is always a danger. This sign needs your attention. 


You must see if the house has enough insulation to keep the heat out in the summer and the cold out in the winter. 

Due Diligence 

Due diligence is a condition you include in your intent-to-purchase agreement with the seller that makes your purchase conditional on its satisfaction. A home inspection should be part of your due diligence when buying a home. 

Use a Report 

You can use a report and tell the seller about issues. It will help you in deciding the price of the house. If there are major issues, you must reconsider your decision. 

Things to Keep in Mind 

Whenever buying a house, keep following things into consideration. 

  • Get a Mortgage 
  • Find a right real estate agent 
  • Start searching for your dream house 
  • Get a home inspection 
  • Do your research 
  • Check the price range 
  • Go through legal documentation 
  • Close the sale

If you are an overseas Pakistani and looking for a way to save your money and future, then real estate is the only market providing the best  investment opportunity in Pakistan. The reason for investment in this market is that it is not volatile like the stock market. Moreover, you will never face a loss if you invest in any property. The government of Pakistan has already eased the process for overseas Pakistanis by providing facilities that are helpful for the easy transfer of money, such as the sohni dharti remittances program. The reduction in property taxes has also helped the market grow by leaps and bounds. Let’s go through the reasons that prove why investment in real estate is the best option for overseas Pakistanis.

Digital Banking 

It would be a one-time effort for overseas Pakistanis to invest in the real estate market. There are such facilities that can help you to trust the procedure. The government of Pakistan has introduced “Roshan Digital Accounts” that will aid in easy transfer of money, investment in real estate while attracting our country fellows to send money to Pakistan. You don’t need to go to a bank or embassy physically.

Market is Flourishing

The new infrastructure projects, either residential or commercial, are in notice of the government. With the addition of CPEC ( China, Pakistan ), overseas can enjoy the best investment opportunity. Real estate contributes 70% to 75% to the country’s total wealth. If it grows, then the economy grows. It has been growing day by day in Pakistan. More and more people are investing in it. So, this is the right time to invest in the right place. 

Advancement in Technology

Technology has revolutionized the ways of life. It is not difficult to visit a place even if you are sitting outside the country. You can do a virtual tour of your property; you can analyze the market and see prizes within seconds. There are dedicated websites where you can search about any property, and they are time-saving. The following factors have a positive impact on the real estate market. 

  • Artificial intelligence 
  • Virtual reality 
  • Social media  

Government Relief Packages 

The government has introduced a construction relief package to overcome the economic crisis due to COVID. This package offers relaxation on withholding tax in construction material. This has benefited the construction as well as real estate in better ways. 

Tax filing for Overseas Pakistanis

Overseas Pakistanis can now easily invest in Pakistan’s real estate market. Before purchasing any land, the government made it mandatory for investors to file tax returns. Overseas Pakistanis are not subject to taxation, but they must pay property tax once they purchase property in Pakistan. This will also increase remittances and help the country’s financial problems. This is part of the current government’s strategy for bolstering Pakistan’s economy. 

Guide for Overseas Pakistanis 

It is not easy to trust anything when spending money on a large amount. Moreover, many fraudulent companies can play with your future. So, it would help if you kept the following things in mind before investing. 

Is this Project Safe? 

You must only invest in projects approved by authorities, such as Lahore development or capital development authority. You must also check that the government approves the residential scheme. If the property has that approval, you can trust and invest In that. 

Houses or Farmhouse 

 Whenever you think of investing, you must have a keen observation of market trends. Modern lifestyles are introduced with the arrival of modernism that includes farmhouse living. Investing in farmhouses is also the best investment opportunity in Pakistan because it will give sure returns. You can rent that out and enjoy the cash flow or arrange your family gatherings in them that are impossible to do in houses.

Beware of Scams 

Hiring a real estate agent is better than getting your work done. You may also consult with those marketing companies who have built their trust in past years. Experts know more than commoners. You must not trust any street broker for your money. The decision is wise only when you consult wisely. 

Record of Ownership 

You should check a historical record of ownership before any further steps. It will save you from future liabilities. 

Demand original documents 

You may face people in the market who will feel hesitant while showing actual documents. You may take it as a red flag. You should always demand an original copy of the registry. 

Invest Today 

Without delay, start investing today in Princeton Farms and enjoy the perks of being overseas Pakistanis. It is the best time to invest in the real estate market because the market is at its peak position, and your investment will never go in vain.

Over nine million overseas are assets of Pakistan and the government must appreciate their role in bridging the gap between exports and imports of the country. For that, the government initiated a program named the sohni dharti remittance program.

What is the Sohni Dharti Remittance Program?

The Sohni Dharti Remittance Program aims to encourage non-resident Pakistanis to use legal banking channels to send money to their families in Pakistan. It is a point-based loyalty programme in which remitters and their beneficiaries earn reward points by sending remittances through formal channels (SBP-regulated entities) and redeeming those points for free services from participating public sector entities (PSEs).

Why SDRP was necessary?

We all know that Pakistan has been in debt to IMF for years and we are not coming out of it. We are stuck in such a circular debt that we are unable to cope up with our internal situation and on the other hand, we are unable to pay it back. Pakistan’s total loan from IMF 2021 was 52.366 USD bn. We need more dollars to add to our country’s wealth. For that, there were only one solution “remittances from overseas Pakistanis”.

Basic features

  • Overseas Pakistanis are eligible to participate in the programme.
  • The programme App will be used to register for the programme and track reward points.
  • Reward points are calculated and awarded automatically.
  • If points haven’t been awarded automatically, the Self Award feature can be used to generate a request for them.
  • 1 loyalty point is the same as 1 PKR.
  • Loyalty points are awarded as a percentage of the remittance transaction value based on the following loyalty categories.
  • All members will belong in the Green category by default at the start of the Fiscal year.

Sohni Dharti Remittance Program App

1 LINK has developed and launched a mobile app for Android and iOS that allows users to register as a Remitter (a person who sends money) and earn points on remittances sent to Pakistan through specific financial channels. Remitters can enroll their beneficiaries (money receivers) and transfer loyalty points to them using the Mobile App. To know more, you can visit

How to get registered to SDRP?

Sohni Dharti Remittance app is available on both Google Play Store and the Apple Store. Furthermore, the sohni Dharti Remittance app is completely secure and was developed by the Pakistani government, so feel free to download and use it. After you’ve downloaded the app to your smartphone, you’ll need to create an account to use it.

Award Categories

There are three SDRP award categories according to the points and how much money you have sent in the country.

   Green     Up to USD 10,000        1.00%
   Gold     Up to USD 30,000        1.25%
   Platinum     More than USD 30,000        1.50%

Redemption Benefits

There are many benefits for the users of sohni dharti remittance app. Let’s take a look at them!

  • PIA: Intl’ Air Tickets, Payment for extra luggage on PIA int’l flights
  • FBR: Mobile Phone duty payment- personal baggage Tax payment on the purchase of locally manufactured vehicles Payment of Duty on Imported Vehicle
  • NADRA: Renewal of CNIC/ NICOP
  • Passport Office: Renewal of Passports
  • State Life/ Mo OP&HRD: Life Insurance premium payment
  • Utility Stores Corp: Utility Stores purchases
  • BE&OE: Payable Fee
  • FIA (non-monetary): Separate counters for priority clearance

Update on the Program

PM Imran Khan inaugurated the sohni dharti remittance scheme on 25th of November hoping that it will help the country in many ways. While addressing, PM Imran added that the government was working on a plan to give overseas Pakistanis concession in taxes as well. Through that you can invest in Princeton Farms.

With the rising population, the need to build new houses also increased. Currently, Pakistan is facing this problem because millions of people do not have their own houses to live in. To deal with this problem, the government of Pakistan has started a project of Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme ( Mera Ghar Mera Pakistan).

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

Government has established a housing task force under this initiative that includes experts such as builders and architects. It will be an autonomous authority that will work under an independent board of directors. The Prime minister will supervise the whole task force by himself.

Goal of Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

The goal is to address the problem of housing shortage in the country. The authorities will work on every possible task that will help to make affordable housing a reality. Districts that are included in this scheme are as follows:

  • Islamabad
  • Faisalabad
  • Quetta
  • Muzaffarabad
  • Swat
  • Sukkur

Benefits of Housing Scheme

There are millions of people in Pakistan who do not have shelter to cover their heads. This is also the reason for poor hygiene and bad health conditions. The new housing scheme is going to be a successful project in the future as it has come up with several benefits. Let’s look into them!

  • The struggling class of society will be upgraded.
  • Unprivileged people will be able to have their own houses.
  • It will be an open-source of investment.
  • This scheme will be a source of empowerment.

Facilities offered in Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

The purpose to establish a task force is to provide all facilities to the people such as

  • Roads
  • Electricity
  • Security System
  • Parks
  • Mosques
  • Commercial Area
  • Community Center
  • Sewerage
  • Water Supply
  • Fiber Optic Internet

Who Can Apply?

Naya Pakistan housing scheme eligibility criteria is not much complex. You must keep following points while applying.

  • Applicants should be residents of the mentioned districts.
  • There must be no other property in his name.
  • He can apply for the quota announced by the government.

Payment plan of Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

In Punjab, those districts were kept in consideration that is in utter need of new houses. They include Bakhar, Layyah and Quaidabad. Here is the payment plan for 3 Marla houses.

No of beds Stories Total amount Down payment
One Single Rs.18,90,000 Rs.1,89,000
Two Single Rs.21,80,000 Rs.2,18,000
Three Double Rs.27,65,000 Rs.2,76,500
Four Double Rs.29,30,000 Rs.2,93,000

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Loan

Banks are offering home loan facilities with reasonable terms and conditions that allow for payment to be made over a period of up to 20 years. So, if you’ve applied for this affordable housing project, be prepared to pay a 20% down payment while the remaining 80% will be paid by the bank. The owners of Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme payment plans will have to pay an additional 10% markup.

Latest updates

On Friday 19th of November, Prime Minister Imran Khan said it was for the first time that the people who could never afford, now own a house of their own, while no government in the past cared for the low-income segments of society who had no shelter. The PM visited the site of 4,400 under-construction houses under the Naya Pakistan Housing Project. PM is appreciating the fast pace of construction and the coming years will prove to be prosperous due to this project.

Over the years there has been an increase in the investment opportunities in Pakistan. And these opportunities are open for overseas Pakistanis. To nurture the relation between Pakistan and Overseas Pakistani, the government has established OPF (overseas Pakistani foundation) to assist the Pakistanis that are overseas to make safe investments. This is a beneficial connection for both the overseas Pakistanis and the government. These remittances have a great impact on the country’s development.

Real estate industry

People living outside of Pakistan usually send the money for family support and to invest in Pakistan. One of the most lucrative industry to invest in Pakistan now is the real estate industry. The investment in real estate is one time and if you buy a property its value will appreciate over time. To urge people to invest more in the industry, government is taking initiative and creating more opportunities. Do you want to know about some amazing opportunities to invest in? we have compiled a list of great investment opportunities for the overseas Pakistani.

Bahria Town Karachi Overseas Block

Bahria town developers have a web of very successful projects all over Pakistan. Providing exclusive lifestyle and all the luxuries is one place away from the hustle-bustle of the city. We all are aware of the traffic congestion and the pollution increasing by the day in Karachi. To facilitate the people with a more exclusive and healthier lifestyle, Bahria developers have launched the Karachi Overseas block for the people living abroad. The success of all the bahria projects is the evidence of the amazing investment opportunity for the overseas Pakistani.

Capital Smart City

The overseas capital smart city block is an amazing opportunity for the people living abroad, this project has great potential for high profits and its approved legal by the RDA. This is an opportunity for the overseas Pakistani, with its proximity to the Islamabad International Airport it is located at on one of the prime locations of Islamabad. Pakistan’s first ever smart city that accommodates local and overseas Pakistani. The society have top notch security details and the heighted overseas block provides for the killer view! The city is surrounded by beautiful Khairi Murat hills and the beautiful lakes, making it one of the epic investments you can make.

The other smart city approved by the LDA is in the city of lights. Lahore smart city provides for a lucrative investment opportunity for locals and overseas Pakistani. The society offer the plot cutting of 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 20 Marla and the price difference between the executive and overseas Pakistani is just 10,000 RS. With all the amenities in place this is a great opportunity for investment.


Pakistan overseas real estate forum is the initiative taken by the government to create more investment opportunities for overseas Pakistani. A forum to accelerate the construction and development operations in the country, benefit the economy and create more jobs for Pakistanis. It is meaningful and a secure investment opportunity. It also gives FBR immunity to the investors, as the government have been taking a lot of real estate projects. With a lot of promotional activities scheduled for future, this will be a secure and profitable investment for you.

If you haven’t thought about investing in the real estate before, you should do it now. In the upcoming year this industry will provide for high profits. This is your chance to invest in your home country for a secure future. While investing in any project, the safety of your investment can be a prime concern. These investments are secure as they are overseen by the governmental bodies and the developers are trustworthy with their amazing records of project completion. Avail these amazing opportunities right now and secure your future and investment.

Food Chains

Food is a love language for the people of Pakistan. All the gatherings are incomplete without different varieties of food. I mean who doesn’t love food? Food chains are very successful in Pakistanis. Making it one of the most lucrative investment in Pakistan. Pakistani enjoy different variety of foods and their taste buds are no joke. That is the reasons that many investments are going to the fast-food industry of Pakistan. It is literally a ‘FAST’ way of earning high profits over the years. If you are interested in this opportunity, then don’t waste a moment and invest in this budding industry.

Invest in Gold

Just like the real estate industry the investment in gold doesn’t require extra investment. It is a one-time investment and whenever the prices of the gold peak, you can easily cash out high profits. You don’t have to sell it right away, it can accumulate more value over time, hence it is a goldmine for the investors. You can acquire the gold when the prices aren’t high, and you can sell it all out when the prices skyrockets! Hence it will be affordable and highly profitable over the years.

Other opportunities

Some of the other amazing options include investing in the sports gears, Pakistan is currently exporting high quality gears to many countries. One of the other opportunities is investing in stocks or bonds. The most amazing new opportunity is the boom in the marriage services. There are many marriage halls being established, making it an amazing opportunity to invest in for high return of profits.