Farmhouses come in all shapes and sizes. Their flavor changes with each individual.

There are numerous designs for farmhouses and in each country it has a different distinct style. For some farmhouses are luxury, for others their means to earning a living.


Basic designed farmhouses all have similar features such as large kitchens and large porches. They have multiple fireplaces with living rooms downstairs, bedrooms upstairs and the exterior is mostly wooden.


These are the large and most extravagant of the farmhouses. These have big porches that point to both North and South sides of the house. Also, the architecture of a plantation home is simple, or it can be inspired by Greek or Roman designs.


These are either large or moderate in size, they are distinguished by the Greek Columns at the front of the house either, supporting the porch or a balcony that extends from one of the top floors. The farmhouse has 3 prominent sections, the main one is the middle section balanced by 2 extended wings on either sides.


These are simple, casual styled farmhouses with a metal roof and cedar siding. These are Cabin like homes which has a deep shade porch and the windows are specially designed for cross ventilation. they are mostly built a little elevated from the ground for storage purposes.


Victorian farmhouses are the classic houses. Their inspiration is drawn from the 20th century architecture. These farmhouses are both elegant, lavish and functional. They have a full front porch along with the columns and brackets o front porch and has a colorful exterior.


These farmhouses are distinguished by the stonework at the exterior and the timber detailing. They were originally built by German stonemasons. On the other hand, Piedmont farmhouses have the characteristics of the homes in Virginia and Carolina. These have homemade foundations of bricks and large chimneys.

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